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Three new acquisitions have recently enriched the archives of the Edward Gorey House. Without the funding mechanism to purchase Edward’s increasingly valuable works, we rely on the generosity of friends, strangers, and those jaded collectors trying to unclutter their lives.

Current Exhibition

Our 2020 Exhibit He Wrote it all Down Zealously Edward Gorey’s Interesting Lists A brazen trespassing across Gorey’s notebooks and unpublished manuscripts.

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This exhibit is made possible by donors like you. Please sponsor a case today.

Gorey Etchings

Limited Edition Prints

Hand-pulled from plates by Edward Gorey and printed at the atelier of Elizabeth Andrews of Newfield, NY.

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Edward Gorey’s Enigmatic World

In his little books of sinister whimsy, Gorey was true to his beliefs in leaving things out, so that the reader’s thoughts could flower.

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Gorey Gifts

We have the perfect Gorey gift for every type of Gorey fan! Is it 2021 yet? Get your calendar for next year before they sell out!!

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